9-12 Resources

High School- it can be either a great or terrible experience for students. It is a very tough microcosm to navigate for young adults who are having trouble fitting in. As counselors we need to be hyper-aware of what is happening in the hallways and how we can make our school a safe place for every student.

Whether it be tackling academic, mental health, or general behavior problems, school counselors have a lot on their plate. The most important thing to know is that it is completely normal to reach out for help! That is where there are tons of resources online for you to consult. I find that these websites have helped me personally in my counseling experience, and I think they can help many of you as well! As always please reach out to me for any other resources I can add to this list. The goal is to make this a place full of resources so that we can all help our students to the best of our abilities.


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