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Kindergarten Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teacher Track 1 Kelly Greene
Assistant Marigail Walling
Teacher Track 1 Jennifer Oldham
Assistant Elizabeth Kirkland
Teacher Track 2 Mary Berentes
Assistant Debra Vaughan
Teacher Track 2 Heather Millsaps
Assistant Sherry Riggs
Teacher Track 3 Kristen Roberts
Assistant Grace Hupert
Teacher Track 3 Rebecca Hagedorn
Assistant Lois Zanzano
Teacher Track 4 Ella Strowbridge
Assistant Tiffany Boone
Teacher Track 4 Wendy Yothers
Assistant Sue Hoff

First Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teachers Track 1 Sara Nichols*
  Daniele Gannon*
Assistant Track 1 Elana Murray
Teacher Track 2 Christina Markulic
Teacher Track 2 Wendy Dierk*
Assistant Track 2 Susan Hamric
Teachers Track 3 Meredith Chappell
  Suzanne Zaccardo*
Assistant Track 3 Nancy Haight
Teachers Track 4 Mary Sue Zorek-Taylor
  Renee White
Assistant Track 4 Patrice Sidney

Second Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teachers Track 1 April Butler*
  Kimberly Carnell
Teacher Track 2 Rachel Decker
Teacher Track 2 Jennifer Weiss
Teachers Track 3 Megan O'Donnell
  Lisa Denning
Teachers Track 4 Elliott Farrell
  Melissa McGahey*
Assistant Aurora Cerantes

Third Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teachers Track 1 Jeannine Burcky
  Cheryl Conrad
Teacher Track 2 Stephanie Alford salford3@wcpss.nett
Jessica McAllister
Teachers Track 3 Andrea Alexander
  Barbara Thompson
Teachers Track 4 Kimberly Clayton
  Nicky Cunningham

Fourth Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teachers Track 1 Ashley Albers
  Lisa Mejeur*
Teachers Track 2 Alston Davus
Teachers Track 3 Lisa Fellman
Delores Pettit
Teachers Track 4 Julie Murphy
  Ashli Hastings*

Fifth Grade Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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Teacher Track 1 Kortney Palmer
Heather Piezer
Teacher Track 2 Wilson Cheeley*
Teacher Track 3 Nicole Tolp*
Teacher Track 4 Brittany Siudak
  Jessica Downing

Specialist Staff top  * - National Board Certified

Position Name
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AG Jamie Maye*
Art Dahria McClelland*
PreK AU Carla Flowers
PreK AU Assistant Emma Jane Rankin
PreK AU Assistant Halime Seyma Gundogdu
AU1 Teacher Elizabeth Henson
AU1 Assistant Michelle Cox
AU Teacher Rachel Vernon
AU2 Assistant Brenda Ash
CCR Lori Haynes
CCR Jennifer Long *
CCR Hallie Sneeden
Assistant Jennifer Snooks
Assistant Barbara Ligo
ESL Cleo Morrisey
Guidance Anne Ruoff
Guidance Caren MacEntee*
Hearing Impaired Rose Lilley
IRT Jill Harrison
Literacy Sherry Bourne
Media Maureen Gsell
Media Assistant LisaWoodard
Music Jennifer Sonstroem *
Nurse Lynn Townsend, RN
OT Lauren Williford
PT Jennifer Wells
PE Mark Edwards
Psychologist Sarah Ribault
Speech Robin Dotson
Social Worker Niti Wade
Spanish Ciara Pace
Technology Jeffrey Schwartz
Cafeteria Manager Christine Donovan
Cafeteria Staff Lisa Krummel
Cafeteria Staff Kathryn Finkbeiner

Office Staff top

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Principal Burt Batten
Assistant Principal Rhonda Curtis
Lead Secretary Velma Corsi
NC Wise Data Manager Teresa Carter
Office Assistant Marcia Tracy-Dale
Office Assistant Lisa Woodard

Staff Recognition top

Awards and Recognition (2013-14)

Heather Millsaps awarded Diane Kent-Parker First Year Teacher
Advocates for Health in Action: Wellness Star Award
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Kids' Walk- Gold Star School
Math Olympiads for Elementary & Middle Schools Meritorious Award
& Highest Team Achievement Award
Odyssey of the Mind— Not So Haunted House Team 1st Place - State Competition Participants
Pennies for Pasta- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Participation Banner
NC Exemplar PBIS School
Stand Up, Speak Out, Prevent Bullying Now- 1st Place

Grants/ Funding Earned (2013-14)

Donor's Choose: Storage Cabinat - Mrs. Vaghan
Donor's Choose: Apple TV - Mrs. Taylor
Donor's Choose: Video Camera - Mr. Schwartz
Donor's Choose: IPad - Mrs. Oldham
Donor's Choose: I-Pad Mini's w/ cases - Ms. Millsaps
Donor's Choose: Apple TV Books- Mrs. Greene
Donor's Choose: Technology(I-Pad Mini) - Mrs. McClelland
Donor's Choose: History & Mystery Books - Mrs. Clayton
Donor's Choose: Legos (math Manipulatives) Nicky Cunningham
Donor's Choose: Guided Reading Books- Nicky Cunningham
Donor's Choose: Data Projector- April Butler
Donor's Choose: Technology - Daniele Gannon
Donor's Choose: Reading Supplies - Suzanne Zaccardo

Grants/ Funding Earned (2012-13)

Donor's Choose: Reader's Theater - Suzanne Zaccardo
Donor's Choose: Technology - Danielle Gannon
Donor's Choose: Technology - Cathryn Ruff
Connect A Million Minds: Scratch Day, 2013- Jeff Schwartz
Bright Ideas: Yamaha MIE Funding- Jennifer Causey
Pets in the Classroom: Fish Tank- Lara Hathaway
Pets in the Classroom: Fish Tank- Nicole Tolp
Pets in the Classroom: Fish Tank- Katie Zila

Grants/ Funding Earned (2011-12)

Advocates for Health in Action: Wellness Committee
Donor's Choose: Ukuleles- Jennifer Causey
Donor's Choose: Paints- Dahria McClelland
Knights of Columbus : Council 7186, Operation LAMB- Jill Harrison
Connect A Million Minds: Scratch Day, 2012- Jeff Schwartz
Sigma Alpha, Ag in the Classroom- Danielle Gannon
Fuel Up to Play 60- Jeff Schwartz

Outstanding Penguin Awards (2012-13)

April:Ms. Emily Harmon
Ms. Sherry Riggs (TA) & Ms. Marnie Perko (TA)
March:Ms. Dawn Henson
Ms. Cervantes (TA) & Ms. Gaudet (TA)
February:Ms. Nikki Cunningham
Ms. Alicea TA) & Ms. Ash(TA)
January:Mrs. Sara Nichols
Ms. Zanzano(TA) & Ms. Snooks(TA)
December:Mrs. Meredith Chappell
November:Mrs. Danielle Gannon
October:Mrs. Denning(Wrobleski)
Mrs. Walling(TA) & Mrs. Murray(TA)
September:Mrs. Strowbridge
Ms. Kate(TA) & Mrs. Vaughan(TA)
August:Mrs. Mejeur
Mrs. Sidney (TA) &Ms. Boone (TA)
July:Mike Hosterman
Marcia Tracy-Dale(TA) & Barbara Schenck(TA)

Outstanding Penguin Awards (2011-12)

June: Melissa McGahey
May: Jeff Schwartz
April: Sherry Bourne
March: Suzanne Zaccardo
February: Julie Cutler
January: Pauline Brookover
December: Jamie Maye
November: Wendy Yothers
October: Mary Berentes
September: Susan Buffington
August: Fran Sapir
July: Dahria McClelland

LPES Teachers of the Year

2013-2014 Kelly Greene
2012-2013 Mike Hosterman
2011-2012 Dahria McClelland
2010-2011 Jennifer Long read more
2009-2010 Danielle Gannon read more
2008-2009 Beth Cooper
LPE TAs of the Year
2012-2013 Marcia Tracy-Dale
2011-2012 Sue Schaefer
2010-2011 Lisa Woodard (WCPSS Finalist) read more
2009-2010 Elana Murray
2008-2009 Barbara Ligo