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New Bus Route #7 Starting Wed. Morning!

In an effort to decrease route times and relieve overcrowding on buses, some students from buses 1,4, 5, & 6 are being reassigned to our new route 7. 

The following bus stops will move to bus 7 on Wednesday: 

From Route 1 to Route 7:

Burnley Dr. & Dundalk Way

Kilarney Ridge Loop & Kilarney Ridge Loop

From Route 4 to Route 7:

Rothes Dr. & Tarbert Dr. 

SW Cary Parkway & Colonial Town Ct. 

Haddinton Drive & Tarbert Dr. 

From Route 5 to Route 7:

Suterland & Tarbert Dr. 

Kettlebridge Dr. & Kilbreck Dr. 

From Route 6 to Route 7:

Laurel Park Place & Talloway Dr. 

Stoneleigh Dr. & Kettlebridge Dr. 

Letters were sent home with affected students. However, please help us ensure that students are aware of these changes. 

2015 NC State Fair Tickets

Support your local school by purchasing your online admission tickets through the WCPSS Etix page. ( Select your school from the dropdown menu for that school to benefit. With your purchase, your school will receive $2 for each adult admission ticket you purchase, and $1 for each child ticket you purchase.Double-check your school code here. Our school code is 467. 

Odyssey of the Mind Team Coach Needed!

Can you help?  We need one more Odyssey of the Mind team coach!  Without a coach, we will have to dissolve a six member team!  Please consider donating your time and talent to this worthwhile endeavor!  For more information contact Samantha Burke at 919-469-3842 or  Thank you!


Vote: Mr. Batten~

Vote for Mr. Batten: "Best Elementary School Principal," 2016

Click here to cast your vote:

Every Kid in a Park!

Did you know that every 4th grade student is being given FREE ADMISSION to over 400 National Parks this school year??!! For more information, please visit the Every Kid in the Park Website here:

Support our teachers via Donor's Choose Grants!

Throughout the year, many of our teachers seek supplemental resources via Donor's Choose Grants! If you choose to donate toward a grant, please enter promo code SPARK, INSPIRE, or JUMPSTART at checkout and your donation may be doubled! Thank you! 

KITS- Training (Kids Into Thinking Skills!)

Calling all parents... 

Do you want to work with students in a small group while problem solving and using team work?  Please come to the KIT (Kids Into Thinking) training on September 30 at 8:15am in the media center with Mrs. Gannon.  It's a fun way to help your child's teacher and support learning in the classroom.  All volunteers welcome who have not been trained in the past.

Art Volunteers Needed!
If you are interested in helping out in the art room, contact Mrs. McClelland at 

August PTA Newsletter is Here!
View our August PTA Newsletter

Science Fair-- October 22nd

More information is located here:

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-"Like” our PTA on Facebook: Laurel Park Elementary School PTA


ONGOING NEED: Thank you to those who donate regularly!  Copy paper donations needed throughout the year.  Teachers are capped on the number of copies they can make unless using donated paper.  Can you help by donating a ream of paper?  Please drop off in the box by the library labeled Copy Paper Donations after signing in.

Bus Routes & Bus Stop Safety

-Bus Routes are posted here: *We are down to SIX buses next year! This is a significant change. PLEASE verify your child's bus stop, and let us know if you have questions.


Bus Stop Safety: 

When the bus driver cuts on the red flashing lights and extends the stop arm, motorists will stop. In the new boarding process, students will wait until the crossing control arm fully deploys before leaving their bus stop to board the bus. The new rule: Students wait for the crossing control arm to fully deploy before leaving the sidewalk to board the bus. 

Support the Laurel Park Friendship/Social Committee for Staff:

Do you think your teacher works WAY TOO HARD?  Well, I have an answer... CANDY!!  Will you or your business help the Friendship Committee reward the efforts of our AMAZING LP teachers throughout this year by donating one of these items:

-Fun-size candy bars/M&M's/healthy snacks or Hershey Kisses

-Gift cards to local restaurants, Starbucks, Target or Wal-Mart, dollar store, etc.

-Think of all the school supplies a teacher can purchase with a gift card just $5.00 or how enthusiastic your teacher will be with a Starbucks coffee?

Send the items with a note attached for the Friendship Committee/Suzanne Zaccardo. A HUGE Thank you from the staff at Laurel Park Elementary!

School Progress Report

WCPSS has developed a School Progress Report to provide parents with multiple layers of data regarding the academic performance of students and the learning climate at Laurel Park Elementary.  Please use the link below to access the information in this School Progress Report based on results from the 2013-2014 school year: 

Inclement Weather Notifications

Parents: For information about inclement weather decisions and to sign-up for email alerts visit:

Live Bus Updates from WCPSS

Here's how it works: When we know that a bus is running late, using a substitute driver or experiencing any incident that would result in a change in service, we'll report it here. We can only report information that we know. ( As a school, we make every effort to notify parents of late buses via our email notification system. If you are not already signed up for email updates, consider signing up for them here. (

Birthday Wishes- All In Good Health:

We all love celebrating kids' birthdays - there's no doubt about that. But a school birthday celebration doesn't need to involve cupcakes or other unhealthy foods.


Many families have multiple birthday parties as they celebrate on their own on the actual birthday, with extended family and with their children's friends. Additionally, many students in any given class have birthdays in the same week and sometimes on the same day! That's a lot of cake, cupcakes and ice cream. Plus, many children have food allergies and other health conditions that can cause them to feel left out of such celebrations.

So perhaps the school birthday celebration, if there is to be one at all, should focus on the birthday girl or boy, rather than food. Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate birthdays in the classroom:


  1. Join the Celebration Book Club! This program allows families to donate a book to our school's library in celebration of their children's birthdays.
  2. Donate items to add to your child's classroom recess bag. Supplies for indoor or outdoor recess would be appreciated by your child's classmates.
  3. Contact your child's teacher to learn about other acceptable ways to celebrate in her classroom.

Volunteers for 2015-2016!

Reactivation for Continuing Volunteers for 2015-2016:

All volunteers approved for the 2014-2015 school year MUST reactivate as a volunteer no later than 4 PM on October 30,2015.  Volunteers may go to any WCPSS site and register.  After October 30, 2015, individuals previously approved may not volunteer without a new criminal record check. The volunteer system is open daily for reactivation from July 6, 2015, through October, 30, 2015.

New Volunteers for 2015-16:

Any new volunteer applicants for the 2015-2016 school year must register and have an approved criminal record check prior to engaging in volunteer work.  Applicants may register at any WCPSS site.  The volunteer system will be open daily for registration from July 6, 2015, through October 30, 2015.  From November 2, 2015 through April 29, 2016, the volunteer system will only be open on Mondays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.  However, the system will be closed on the following Mondays: 12/21/2015, 12/28/2015, and 1/18/2016.  

View above announcements as a full page

As Laurel Park Penguins we respect ourselves, respect others and respect school property. We take responsibility for our own behavior and we come to Laurel Park ready to learn.

Important Reminder


We want to make sure all qualified families are enrolled for free and reduced-price meals. The application for meal benefits must be completed annually. If your family qualifies and you have not completed an application for the 2015-16 school year, we ask that you complete an application now. For families who qualified for the 2014-15 school year, we have continued to provide school lunches for students this school year. On October 7th any student without an approved application for 2015-16 will be expected to pay full price for breakfast and lunch.

Details - English Spanish

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iPad Engagement in a Second Grade Classroom
Curvy Cursive Practice Boards
Bringing 21st Century Technology to the Classroom
Maximize Learning with Mobymax Tablets

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Current Projects (mouseover for details)

iPad Engagement in a Second Grade ClassroomMrs. Decker

My students need two iPad minis and cases to integrate technology in reading and math.-Mrs. Decker

Description:"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss and myself have something in common. We both believe reading is an essential part to a learning child. In my classroom children are welcomed where they are and encouraged to grow.

I have the amazing opportunity to teach 23 second grade children. They all come to school with various abilities, experiences and cultural backgrounds. Some students have lived in other countries while others have English as a second language! They each bring diverse ideas and contribute to our class each day. Ipads in the classroom would help engage students in a variety of tasks and promote student success through the use of technology.

Our classroom currently has no iPad minis for student use. There are many apps that would greatly benefit student learning. My classroom usually begins with a whole group lesson in both reading and math. After the lesson students are typically in small group of three or four students. The addition of two iPad minis will enable student led stations to run more efficiently and consistently. Technology use in the classroom would provide enrichment, remediation and structural assistance in English. With the mobility of iPad minis, student use and engagement will be at a maximum.

This project will get my students using technology in a variety of ways. It will excite them to learn, discovery, innovate and grow as a 21st century learner. The addition of two iPad minis would integrate technology in small groups during literacy and math and would prepare all my students for their future.

Amount Requested:$925.07 Funded:45%Number of Donors:9

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Curvy Cursive Practice BoardsMs. Fellman

My students need Boogie Boards to practice cursive writing.-Ms. Fellman

Description:"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Can today's kids answer that question the way the work world is constantly changing? Technology will certainly be used every day in their futures, but there are still "Old School" skills they will need - including cursive writing!

"Ehi Passiko!" ("Come and See!" from the ancient Pall Language) greets visitors at the door as they enter my 4th grade classroom. Students sit at groups of desks or at low tables or on the floor or at computers collaborating, conversing, sharing ideas. There is always the buzz of their voices, sometimes laughter, sometimes spontaneous singing. They use contracts to guide their selection of activities to meet their weekly goals. There are always questions and many times they provide explanations or solutions to each other. Our suburban school draws students from a variety of neighborhoods. We are a year-round school that parents choose to have their children attend.

Each day there is a Language Arts rotation. Students choose from a variety of activities that focus on grammar, spelling, and writing structure. One choice is cursive writing practice. The students are excited about learning to write in a "grown-up" manner. They practice forming letters (Loopy Letters) and words through games (Cursive Concentration), copying poetry, and pretending to be celebrities signing autographs. At the moment they write on paper - lots of paper! The Boogie Boards will provide a technology twist to a "pencil and paper" skill. The Boards will provide a tool for repeated practice while reducing the amount of paper used.

The donations to this project will add a fun twist to a necessary skill. And even though they may not know what they will be when they grow-up, they will be able to sign their names to a rent agreement, a car purchase and loan application as well as read hand-written memos from colleagues!

Amount Requested:$343.78 Funded:40%Number of Donors:5

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Bringing 21st Century Technology to the ClassroomMrs. Stone

My students need 4 mini iPads and cases to enhance their learning opportunities and projects that will take them out of the typical classroom and into a global community.-Mrs. Stone

Description:It's a new school year and we really could use some help bringing our classroom into the 21st Century with some new technology. We have 3 old IBM desktop computers and really would like to compete with our peers and have classroom iPads to enhance our learning.

We are second graders, who love coming to school to learn everyday. We use the old desktops we have while taking turns in the morning and afternoon, but not all of us get a turn everyday. It's very frustrating and hard for some of us to understand, why we all can't have a turn everyday. That is why we are asking for your help to add more technology to our classroom so that all of us can have access to many different learning websites and applications to help us learn and grow this school year.

By having 4 iPads and cases in the classroom, we can enhance our learning in all subjects throughout the entire day. We can use iPads individually, taking turns with partners or in small groups of 5. We can have more students use the new technology for morning work - exploring literacy, math and science websites, learning new information, taking mini assessments to check our understanding and having different applications track our progress so we can continue to grow at our pace. In Literacy, we can build our fluency and increase our classroom library with access to more books to read. There are many websites and applications we can visit to learn and practice the reading strategies we learn in class. In Math, the iPads will help us learn different strategies for basic addition and subtraction and use different manipulative to help us learn place value, graphing, reading charts, etc. In Science, we can learn how to conduct more experiments and have more access to information than what is currently in our classroom.

Having access to more technology in our classroom will benefit us greatly by allowing our minds to continue to grow and being exposed to more opportunities than what is available currently inside the classroom. We will be exposed to 21st Century technology that we already own at home, and will be able to compete with our counterparts globally.

Amount Requested:$1735.08 Funded:52%Number of Donors:15

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iLearnMs. Millsaps

My students need two iPads and iPad cases.-Ms. Millsaps

Description:We are off to a great start this year! Now we are ready to begin learning all of our kindergarten objectives.

My students are eager learners. For some of my students this is their first time in a school while others have had a preschool experience. I have noticed that they love using technology to help practice their skills. They also like using technology to show others what they have learned.

My students will use these iPads and cases throughout the entire day. They will be able to use them during math, reading and writing. They will be able to view digital text, record themselves completing activities, play educational games, use QR codes, and even augmented reality.

These iPads will allow my students to use numerous educational games and programs to help with their individualized learning goals. They will be able to master their learning goals while having fun.

Amount Requested:$871.07 Funded:55%Number of Donors:10

Click on Project Title on right to help fund this Project

Maximize Learning with Mobymax TabletsMrs. Downing

My students need 6 MobyMax tablets to utilize the MobyMax program.-Mrs. Downing

Description:Students love technology! I enjoy incorporating different forms of technology into my classroom. Having 6 new MobyMax tablets will increase student screen time, further develop their 21st century skills, while also keeping them engaged.

Some students have lived in other countries while some recently moved to our area from other states. Some students have English as a second language. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our knowledge of technology. We all bring diverse experiences, ideas, and contributions to the classroom each day! Even though we're all different, one thing remains the same - each student in my class is eager to learn something new everyday! Six new MobyMax tablets will help enhance the learning experience for every student in my class, regardless of their technology background.

Students will be able to access the curriculum throughout the school day using the new MobyMax tablets. MobyMax is a fun and engaging program, which allows students to learn their curriculum while having fun. Students will be able to use the tablets during Daily 5 reading rotations, writing, math, and science. MobyMax tablets will also allow my students to explore other technology programs and apps because it's an Android device. Students will be able to use the tablets to research, present projects, and collaborate with their peers. The use of the tablets will greatly enhance the learning taking place in the classroom.

The MobyMax tablets will change the dynamic of my classroom because more students will have access technology. Students will be able to work together in small groups, they will be able to work independently, and the teacher will be able to use the tablets during small group instruction.

Amount Requested:$611.98 Funded:0%Number of Donors:0

Click on Project Title on right to help fund this Project

iPad Engagement in a Second Grade Classroom
Curvy Cursive Practice Boards
Bringing 21st Century Technology to the Classroom
Maximize Learning with Mobymax Tablets

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Projects Funded: 50
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