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Laurel Park Night at Jelly Beans

Saturday, Nov 22; 5:15- 7:00 pm

Jellybeans, Cary: 1120 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606

Cost: $7.00

These are special hours for Laurel Park students and their families.

                                                                                        LPES skaters are welcome to stay for public skating beginning at 7PM.                                                                                       

Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Ms. Meredith Chappell for being selected as the 2014-2015 Laurel Park Teacher of the Year!  Ms. Chappell is an outstanding First Grade teacher on Track 3.  Additionally, Ms. Debra Vaughan has been chosen as the 2014-2015 Laurel Park Teacher Assistant of the Year!  Ms. Vaughan works with Kindergartners on Track 2.

Your Input is Needed!

Laurel Park is partnering with Project Tomorrow SpeakUp, an online survey for teachers, parents, students and community supporters to provide input around learning, and specifically the use of technology in our school. We want to hear from you so we can provide our students with the best instruction possible. Please take a few moments to complete the survey by visiting our homepage and clicking on the Project Tomorrow SpeakUp survey button. Students taking the survey will need a password, which is wake2014

2015-2016 School Enrollment Proposal
  Details about the district's proposal for school enrollment next year are available online.  Parent feedback on the plan is being solicited at this time.  Visit to find out more information and make comments. 

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Birthday Wishes- All In Good Health:

We all love celebrating kids' birthdays - there's no doubt about that. But a school birthday celebration doesn't need to involve cupcakes or other unhealthy foods.


Many families have multiple birthday parties as they celebrate on their own on the actual birthday, with extended family and with their children's friends. Additionally, many students in any given class have birthdays in the same week and sometimes on the same day! That's a lot of cake, cupcakes and ice cream. Plus, many children have food allergies and other health conditions that can cause them to feel left out of such celebrations.

So perhaps the school birthday celebration, if there is to be one at all, should focus on the birthday girl or boy, rather than food. Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate birthdays in the classroom:


  1. Join the Celebration Book Club! This program allows families to donate a book to our school's library in celebration of their children's birthdays.
  2. Donate items to add to your child's classroom recess bag. Supplies for indoor or outdoor recess would be appreciated by your child's classmates.
  3. Contact your child's teacher to learn about other acceptable ways to celebrate in her classroom.

2014-15 Volunteers!

New Volunteers for 2014-15:

Any new volunteer applicants for the 2014-2015 school year must register and have an approved criminal record check prior to engaging in volunteer work.  From November 3, 2014, through May 18, 2015, the volunteer system will only be open on Mondays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

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As Laurel Park Penguins we respect ourselves, respect others and respect school property. We take responsibility for our own behavior and we come to Laurel Park ready to learn.

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Listen and Learn
Leap Into Reading
Yes, iCan!
21st Century Learning in Room 1405
Technology--iPad Minis for 1st Grade

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Listen and LearnMs. Millsaps

My students need a set of wireless headphones to use with our Smartboard and regular headphones to use with our iPods and LeapReaders.-Ms. Millsaps

Description:My twenty-one Kindergarten students attend a year round school in North Carolina.

They are little sponges who love to learn! My students also love technology. During math, my students rotate through a variety of hands on math stations. Their stations use technology, manipulative, pencil/paper, and at times even physical activities. They take pride in their work and love to help their friends.

My students will use the wireless headphones mainly during our math stations. These headphones will allow the students to work on the Smartboard. The regular headphones will be used by students who are unable to purchase their own headphones. They can use these with our iPods and Leapfrog readers.

The wireless headphones will improve our classroom environment by allowing the students to work with activities consisting of sound while not disturbing the rest of the class. The regular headphones will allow every student to have their own headphones and work independently.

Amount Requested:$339.41 Funded:81%Number of Donors:5

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Leap Into ReadingMs. Berentes

My students need the Leapfrog Reading and Writing System to help improve their literacy skills.-Ms. Berentes

Description:Do you like a little variety in your life? Do you like to have a choice in your activities? Do you like to listen to and/or read things that interest you? Our students feel the same way!

My 20 Kindergarten students attend a year round school in North Carolina. They are little sponges who love to learn and are particularly excited about developing a love for reading and writing! My students also love technology. During our Listen to Reading Literacy Center, they use the computers to listen to a variety of books.

The Leapfrog TAG readers provide a huge variety of texts for the students to enjoy. They also have multiple functions within the texts! By pressing a page with a TAG pen, the students can choose to hear the entire page, hear one word at a time, play games, and learn new vocabulary. They are interactive, engaging, and FUN! My students will also be able to use this Leapfrog system to assist with their writing skills. The writing portion will help them learn correct letter formation. The additional sturdy headphones will assist students in being able to use the TAG system independently without disturbing others. They also allow for practical organization which is especially helpful in a year round calendar school where we move to a new classroom each quarter.

This project is important to me because I want my students to be able to have a variety of choices to use for our literacy program. They love using different types of technology to assist them while learning new skills. I think that if students are managing their choices and are active participants in their learning that their reading and writing skills will flourish!

Amount Requested:$319.68 Funded:81%Number of Donors:5

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Yes, iCan!Mrs. Piezer

My students need four iPad minis.-Mrs. Piezer

Description:At the beginning of each week, my students set goals for their learning. Students work all week to complete their goals with learning opportunities. The students take ownership of their own learning at times through Daily 5 activities, and many of these can be facilitated better through technology.

The school where I teach encourages collaboration and teamwork, which I work to incorporate into my classroom. I demonstrate this to my fifth grade students by co-teaching with another teacher. We are able to interact with about 50 students each day, rather than a class of 24-25 students. Students enjoy switching and getting to collaborate with each other. We use a variety of strategies and techniques in order to enhance the learning environment for everyone. I incorporate group work, and small learning teams, as often as I can, because I find this is one of the best ways to teach new concepts. Collaboration can also be a challenge, because of the diversity 50 students bring to the table. These mini iPads would enable time to differentiate instruction for a variety of learners. Technology is a great tool for struggling students, because they can interact with new concepts in a visual, tangible way. These min i-Pads will encourage collaboration between all students in the classroom.

These mini iPads will be used in a variety of ways in my classroom. Students will use them during reading stations to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts as well as practice with the standards via a web-based collaboration website, called Edmodo. My students are already using the site, but these mini iPads will make the site more accessible to students. I will also use Google applications, to enhance the learning environment for my students. During science, students will use the mini iPads to discuss findings in experiments based on science units, including ecosystems and weather. The mini iPads will help students use and enhance their 21st century skills as well, which will benefit their future. In this day and age, students must know how to use technology-based resources in order to be successful in later schooling and in their future careers. My job is to help my students get ready for their individual futures, and these mini iPads would greatly help that cause.

Mini iPads will change the environment in my classroom because more students will be able to access technology. Currently we only have 3 desktop computers. Students will be more engaged in instruction, and the use of technology will also encourage collaboration between students and the teacher, as well as allowing students to take ownership for their own learning. The use of technology is a 21st century skill, so students need access to a variety of resources.

Amount Requested:$1269.69 Funded:53%Number of Donors:10

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21st Century Learning in Room 1405Mrs. Zaccardo

My students need ipads and speakers to bring learning to life.-Mrs. Zaccardo

Description:"œEducation is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school. Period."Â" April Chamberlai

Teaching is where my heart lives each day, dreaming up enriching learning experiences for my students. My wish is for my classroom to be the kind of place where children rush through the door, anxiously anticipating the rich learning inside room 1405.

The addition of the ipads and speakers will be that catalyst for change and support the evolution of my teaching environment into one that connects children to the larger world of learning resources available today. They will provide an engaging way to learn new material and seek the answers to their many questions using 21st Century Learning Skills.

21st Century Learning Skills are a necessary path to teach my students how to access to the tools and resources that will enhancing their understanding and how to use what they have learned in real-world contexts beyond the classroom walls-and I can do that with the amazing technology offered today. The addition of ipads will move my teaching in that direction for this generation and future generations to come.

Amount Requested:$1106.00 Funded:75%Number of Donors:12

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Technology--iPad Minis for 1st GradeMrs. Chappell

My students need two Apple iPad minis and protective cases.-Mrs. Chappell

Description:Do you remember having an "Ah-ha" moment when something finally clicked? Have you ever seen the joy in a child's face when they learn something new for the first time? It is an amazing sight! That is what it is like everyday in my classroom with my group of eager first grade learners.

I have a class of 20 first graders, who are always excited to learn something new. Particularly, they love learning while using new technology. Unfortunately, we have limited and aging resources in our classroom. Currently, we only have 3 classroom desktop computers for the class to share. That simply isn't enough technology to satiate my first graders' need for knowledge and exploration.

My first graders will use these iPads on a daily basis as part of our literacy and math lessons. The iPads can be used both individually, or in a small group setting. This technology will aid in differentiating core instruction so that I can better meet the individual learning needs of all of my students. Plus, learning will be FUN! The kids will enjoy researching new topics, making videos and voice threads, or practicing an emerging skill while using these iPads.

Any donations to this project will be greatly appreciated. If we are able to obtain the iPads for our class, we will then be providing valuable hands on, up-to-date technology. This is so important, as it will inspire a life long love of learning.

Amount Requested:$961.08 Funded:34%Number of Donors:4

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Listen and Learn
Leap Into Reading
Yes, iCan!
21st Century Learning in Room 1405
Technology--iPad Minis for 1st Grade

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