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EOG Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of EOG proctors for the 2016 Track 1 EOGs (May 24, 25, and 26) and Tracks 2-4 EOGs (June 21, 22, 23 and 24).  All proctors must be approved WCPSS volunteers.  If you are not already a WCPSS approved volunteer, you may complete the online process at any school during school hours. Please follow this link: for more information and to sign up. 

Elementary Math Homework Help!

Elementary Math Homework Help!

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Food Drive for Wake Relief & LPES Backpack Buddies:

We have started a food drive for Wake Relief, as well as the Backpack Buddy program here at LPES.  We have placed boxes around the school and will be adding more as they fill up.  You can find them at the front entrance, the bus entrance and in front of the media center.  As always, we are collecting any non-perishable items. We will collect items until June 10th. 

Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten registration for the 2016-2017 school year begins on January 7.

We are excited about your child attending Laurel Park!  Follow these easy steps to register your child to start Kindergarten.

Enrollment packets can be downloaded from the Wake County Public Schools website, Packets are also available in the front office.

Registrations can be completed between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM during each school day in the front office.

Below is the information that parents will need for registration:
1. Proof of residence (current water, gas, or electric bill that is no more than 60 days old, newly signed lease or settlement statement).
2. Certified copy of your child's birth certificate.  You can obtain an official birth certificate from the county or state health department where the child was born. Copies will not be accepted.
3. Immunization records
4. Any custody documents specific to your child
5. Photo ID of parent or guardian

By state law, children entering kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before August 31 of that school year.  Children do not need to be present for registration.  In fact, it is preferable for parents to register without your children present, if at all possible. 

For additional information visit the WCPSS Kindergarten Registration website,

End-of-Grade Testing Dates Announced:

Tracks 2,3, 4--

June 17: 5th Science

June 21: 3rd Reading

June 22: 3rd Math

June 23: 4th/5th Reading & 3rd RTA Make-Ups

June 24: 4th/5th Math


In addition to End-of-Grade Tests, students in all grades will alsoparticipate in end-of-year mClass Reading assessments as well as some end ofyear Math assessments. Please be sure students are getting lots of rest, eatinga good breakfast, and coming to school ready to learn up until the last day ofschool. 

Donor's Choose Grants-

Literature, iPads, Boogie Boards, and Tablets: Thank you for supporting and spreading the word about our teachers' Donor's Choose grants! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your support of these projects! If you choose to donate toward a grant, please enter promo code SPARK, INSPIRE, DISNEYCREATIVITY, or JUMPSTART at checkout and your donation may be doubled! Thank you! 

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Inclement Weather Notifications

Parents: For information about inclement weather decisions and to sign-up for email alerts visit:

Live Bus Updates from WCPSS

Here's how it works: When we know that a bus is running late, using a substitute driver or experiencing any incident that would result in a change in service, we'll report it here. We can only report information that we know. ( As a school, we make every effort to notify parents of late buses via our email notification system. If you are not already signed up for email updates, consider signing up for them here. (

Birthday Wishes- All In Good Health:

We all love celebrating kids' birthdays - there's no doubt about that. But a school birthday celebration doesn't need to involve cupcakes or other unhealthy foods.


Many families have multiple birthday parties as they celebrate on their own on the actual birthday, with extended family and with their children's friends. Additionally, many students in any given class have birthdays in the same week and sometimes on the same day! That's a lot of cake, cupcakes and ice cream. Plus, many children have food allergies and other health conditions that can cause them to feel left out of such celebrations.

So perhaps the school birthday celebration, if there is to be one at all, should focus on the birthday girl or boy, rather than food. Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate birthdays in the classroom:


  1. Join the Celebration Book Club! This program allows families to donate a book to our school's library in celebration of their children's birthdays.
  2. Donate items to add to your child's classroom recess bag. Supplies for indoor or outdoor recess would be appreciated by your child's classmates.
  3. Contact your child's teacher to learn about other acceptable ways to celebrate in her classroom.

Volunteer Registration for 2015-2016!

Any new volunteer applicants for the 2015-2016 school year must register and have an approved criminal record check prior to engaging in volunteer work.  The volunteer system is now open daily during school hours (8:45AM to 3:30PM) and is accessible through our media center or any WCPSS school. Volunteer clearance can take anywhere from 3 days to two weeks to be granted, so register well in advance of any activity to wish to support. 

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As Laurel Park Penguins we respect ourselves, respect others and respect school property. We take responsibility for our own behavior and we come to Laurel Park ready to learn.

Donor's Choose @ LPES

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iPads for Kindergarteners of all Backgrounds and NeedsMs. Y.

My students need 3 Ipads in order to participate in new technology and applications at our school. They are ready to learn but cannot access various apps without ipads.-Ms. Y.

Description:My students come to school ready to learn! They are energetic children between 4-6yrs who learn in many ways! Technology is one of the ways in which they are happily motivated. My class of 23 students come from various ethnic and economic backgrounds. They are also a large range of academic needs.

They love all things interactive and love to sing and have fun! They are amazed and inspired by technology. My students also are at a developmental stage where they need to be able to easily see how things work through animations and videos as well as materials. The range of developmental levels of the students in my classroom is quite vast and I believe that an iPad learning stations would allow me to reach so many levels in a multitude of ways! Some students need the extra practice that can be achieved using iPads. They can also work independently on a large variety of skills.

Our classroom uses learning centers whenever possible. We use Daily 5 for literacy instruction and I have math learning stations daily. Small groups are a great way to individualize instruction, help set positive role models emerging skills, and build confidence! Our classroom has NO iPads for student use. By having 3 iPads, I could establish an iPad learning center for both literacy and math times, as well as skill building enrichment or intervention throughout the day. Kids can build phonemic awareness skills, manipulate sounds, practice letter identification, read stories, answer questions, and more during literacy times. In math stations, students can use a variety of iPad apps to build math skills such as building number sense, identify and build shapes, and build place value understanding through composing and decomposing numbers. Addition and subtraction practice to build fluency is yet another of the many possible ways we could use an iPad in our room!

Increasing the use of technology in our classroom with an iPad stations will help spark the interest of my little learners! It opens up a range of possibilities for interactive instruction in all subject areas, as well as providing all children another opportunity to experience success by learning at their own pace!

Amount Requested:$1578.32 Funded:31%Number of Donors:5

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iPads for Kindergarteners of all Backgrounds and Needs

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